Sanitarium’s 31 Pics Of Halloween – Day 15

by Caitlin Marceau 

Get Out (2017)
Directed by Jordan Peele
Universal Pictures

The directorial debut of comedian Jordan Peele, Get Out is a masterful taste of modern American horror. The story follows Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) on a weekend getaway with his girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams), to meet her parents. What Chris doesn’t know is that the Armitage’s have mastered the science needed to perform brain transplants, and are planning on selling his body to the highest bidder who—through this operation—wants to live forever.  Continue reading “Sanitarium’s 31 Pics Of Halloween – Day 15”

A Moment With: Kristin Holland

by Ian Sputnik

Kristin Holland is a podcaster, voice actor, voice over artist, actor, and professional musician based in Melbourne, Australia. Currently he’s in his second year of running his fortnightly, short horror podcast Nocturnal Transmissions and regularly appears in other productions such as Justintertainment’s Yowie and the US based Simply Scary Podcast.

We took a moment to sit down with Holland, and ask him about his work, his love for horror, and what got him interested in voice work. Continue reading “A Moment With: Kristin Holland”