A Moment With: Kenneth W. Cain

by Ian Sputnik

Kenneth W. Cain is the author of four novels, four short story collections, four novellas, and several children’s books among his body of work. He is the editor for Crystal Lake Publishing’s Tales From The Lake Volume 5 and When the Clock Strikes 13. The winner of the 2017 Silver Hammer Award, Cain is an Active member of the Horror Writers Association, as well as a volunteer for the membership committee and chair of the Pennsylvania chapter. Cain resides in Chester County, Pennsylvania with his wife and two children. Continue reading “A Moment With: Kenneth W. Cain”

Sanitarium’s 31 Pics Of Halloween – Day 19

by Caitlin Marceau 

Sleepy Hollow (1999)
Directed by Tim Burton
Paramount Pictures

For many, the Halloween season wouldn’t be complete without Washington Irving’s “The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow.” Originally a short story published in 1820, it was turned into an animated piece by Walt Disney Productions for the movie The Adventures Of Ichabod And Mr. Toad (1949) where, despite its release nearly seventy years ago, it’s impacted children around the globe. Continue reading “Sanitarium’s 31 Pics Of Halloween – Day 19”

Sanitarium’s 31 Pics Of Halloween – Day 11

by Fallon Morey 

Alien (1979)
Directed by Ridley Scott
Twentieth Century Fox

Disclaimer: this author has always considered Alien (1979) among the scariest movies of all time. Ridley Scott’s commercial directorial debut showed the world that science movies can be scarier than their psycho-killer-in-a-mask counterparts. It launched Sigourney Weaver’s acting career in her first starring role as Ellen Ripley and brought artist H. R. Giger’s work into mainstream visibility. Continue reading “Sanitarium’s 31 Pics Of Halloween – Day 11”

A Moment With: Kristin Holland

by Ian Sputnik

Kristin Holland is a podcaster, voice actor, voice over artist, actor, and professional musician based in Melbourne, Australia. Currently he’s in his second year of running his fortnightly, short horror podcast Nocturnal Transmissions and regularly appears in other productions such as Justintertainment’s Yowie and the US based Simply Scary Podcast.

We took a moment to sit down with Holland, and ask him about his work, his love for horror, and what got him interested in voice work. Continue reading “A Moment With: Kristin Holland”

Toadstools And Magick: A Horror Writer’s Field Guide To Tir Na nOg

by Brooke Warra 

Dryads, banshees, and sirens, oh my!

Welcome to the first instalment of Toadstools and Magick: A Horror Writer’s Field Guide to Tir Na nOg. Here, we are going to explore the vast and rich world of the fae folk. Fairy tales have long been a part of human culture, worldwide. We tell these stories to teach lessons, give warnings, and to entertain. Fairy tales are a horror writer’s best friend! They explore the darker side of our world, mortality, and human intention. Plenty of modern stories and films find their roots in these classic tales. Continue reading “Toadstools And Magick: A Horror Writer’s Field Guide To Tir Na nOg”

Penny For Your Thoughts: Varney The Vampire, Or The Feast Of Blood

by Ian Sputnik

The legend of vampires snakes back through the ages. Bram Stoker is widely regarded as the creator of modern vampire mythology as we know it today. His talent for taking the vampire legend and mixing it with the dark—but true—history of Vlad the Impaler, and centering the narrative around a love triangle encapsulates most of the elements we call to mind when we think about this genre of horror. And so in 1897 Dracula was first unleashed upon the world. Continue reading “Penny For Your Thoughts: Varney The Vampire, Or The Feast Of Blood”

Penny For Your Thoughts: A Penny Dreadful Retrospective

by Ian Sputnik

England in the early 19th century was a violent place. The Napoleonic wars had only just been concluded. The streets were a spewing gutter of prostitution, gang culture, and theft. Murder was rife. The industrial age was starting to give steady employment to the masses and putting a bit of money in the common people’s pockets. One might think that the often violent surroundings would lead to people wanting to escape their reality with a more pleasant one, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, young men had a thirst for violence and relished in it. And, with the upturn of literacy, the Penny Dreadful publications were born. Continue reading “Penny For Your Thoughts: A Penny Dreadful Retrospective”